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By Cipriano L. Estrada  LACFAEA President  1992 to  1995

When I  took over the mantel of responsibility of the Presidency of LACFAEA from 1992 to  1995, the association needed reorganization. Fortunately, I was able to recruit a few good, capable members to join me in leading the Association in a more progressive path in preparation for the next mellinnium.

I am gratified to report that during my term, LACFAEA in conjunction with Cal-State Dominguez Hill, APELDEF, SIPA and other FIL-AM Organizations sponsored  seminars for the members benefits.  The association also networked with other organizations on worthwhile projects and  Committees were formed to help members who had problems in the work area. The Committees were instrumental in resolving a number of problems for our members.
The 20th Anniversary with the Debutantes’ Ball, was the largest fund raising event in the Association ‘s history up to that point. There were 5 Debutantes and  fifteen other  members of the debutantes’  court, Who  were daughters & sons  of LACFAEA members & friends. Committee members, children & family Of LACFAEA members and their friends exerted much time and effort to the highly successful event.

During my tenure in office, LACFAEA members  paid membership dues of $5.00 thru the Black Employees Association. We decided that we wanted to fulfill a goal which had been started by prior Administrations- namely the implementation of automatic payroll deduction of membership dues under our own deduction code. This cause took a step towards implementation during the campaigning for the election of new officers foe 1995 to 1998 term of office. All involved candidates competed in signing up the largest number of new members. The competition lead to the election of Armando Valino as the next President and laid the groundwork for realization of long standing goal of automated payroll deduction  for our membership dues during his term of office.

I hereby call on all County of Los Angeles employees, of Filipino ancestry, to join LACFAEA and work towards the betterment of the Filipinos in  L.A. County  service. We need to carry on and build on the highly successful passage of Assembly Bill 1978 and Senate Bill 1140 which created a separate category for Filipinos separate from Asians or Asian-Pacific Islanders. The County of L.A. incorporated its provisions into the County Code with Filipino as separate code. This has resulted in the hiring and retention of more Filipinos at the local (City, County, State) and at the national level (Federal government).             

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